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Greetings and Helps

Pastor Daniel Kaminski, Pastor of Grace Baptist Church of Kittanning Pennsylvania, has provided most of the input of sermons on this page. He is a preacher after the tradition of the great preachers of this past century. He is well studied, clear in presentation, and founds his messages from many scriptures. He clearly identifies sin and then shows that the grace of God is supplied to deal with it.

Any man or woman who wishes to gain a firm understanding of the Scriptures, who wishes to learn of the doctrines (teachings) of the Bible, who wishes to anchor their lives in the holiness of God, and to live according to righteousness would do well to listen extensively to these messages. These are not the only messages available. There is an extensive library of messages available on tape and on CD. These messages are comprehensive in scope and topic. Any person who would desire training for Christian ministry would find that the depth of understanding gained through listening to such a recording ministry to be most beneficial and practical. For contact information, go to www.gracebaptistkittanning.com.

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Grace Baptist Church

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Grace Baptist Church

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The Adornment of the Doctrine of God

By being aware of the all good fidelity of God we should be living by faith.

The Boiling Pot

The wrath of God is approaching. Here is a discussion of what we need to know about this.

Christ Is All and In All

He is all and in all. He is all I have, all I want, and all I need. He is ever present.


What does it mean to be so determined about something that all options to turn back from that goal cease to exist?

The Doctrine of Regeneration

What does it mean to be saved. Discussed are false concepts of salvation. What mannerisms are deceiving today?

Go Before The Storm

There is a great storm brewing in these last days. We are approaching the time of the Great Tribulation. The warning flags of this storm are on display. Except people know what these flags are and what they mean, this approaching storm will devastate them.

How God Defines Love

Love is defined by the world in a very twisted and perverse manner. Many who call themselves Christians accept this as truth. But they miss the blessings of God by their ignorance. Learn what true love is.

Issues with Replacement Theology

Replacement theology is a term given to the false teaching that Israel has no continuing promise. It is a great weed causing insufferable harm in our day. Learn to recognize it.

Jeremiah vs Ungodly Systems

Ungodly Systems are all about us. The Scriptures explain what we are to do about this. Here we have clear admonitions.



Living By Faith

Asks the question, are you living by faith or by filch. The just shall live by faith. It explains that there is no room for two kings in your life.

Living by Gideon's Rule

Some wrongfully think that there are no rules by which we are obligated to obey in our Christian walk. Learn of the great blessings available to those who live by Gideon's rule.

Nourishment in the Word

Beginning with the case for holiness, there is a tutorial as to how we are to walk worthy of the Lord.

The Objective Goals of an Omniscient God

This discusses God's goals, plans, how He uses people, and the sovereign grace of God.

The Preservation of the Scriptures.

Is it not confusing to read about the all-powerful nature of God and then to hear people say that God is not able to preserve His written Word? Learn about "God is Able."


Proverbs defines knowledge,the character and nature of understanding and wisdom and how they apply to everyday life.

The Reality of Christianity:

in relation to the Word of God, sactification, justification, and righteousness

Show the Lord's Death

There is a call for internal scrutiny, surrender, yieldness, willingness, graciousness and mortification which is necessary in one's life.

Sweet Melodies of Suffering

Suffering is not something which anyone desires. Yet in suffering the grace of God may be seen. The care of God in these times can be of great blessing.


The Grace of God

The Grace of God and the Inability of Man

The Invincible Grace of God and the Inability of Man

The Imutable Grace of God and the Inability of Man

Church and State

A Timely Issue

What Wall?

Responsibilities Given to the Church

Will of God

Part 1 Romans 13

Part 2 Romans 13

Part 3 Romans 13

How God Defines Love

Love In Truth 05-12-10

"We Love Him Because He First Loved Us" 05-06-10

Reflections of Love Seen in the Death of Christ 05-23-10

Defining Love 05-23-10

Measuring the Love of God 05-30-10

Jeremiah vs Ungodly Systems

Clashing Cultures 05-02-10

Honeymoon to Honeymoan 05-09-10

Jeremiah 2-6: A Deaf Ministry 05-16-10

Go Before The Storm

Introduction 02-14-10

Go Before the Storm 02-28-10

Go Before The Storm: Counting the Fish 03-07-10

Go Before The Storm: Unprecedented Spiritual Decline 03-14-10

Go Before The Storm: The Church In Defense of Israel

Issues with Replacement Theology

Replacement Theology and the Defense of Israel

The Church & Israel - Why they are not the same.

This weed of Replacement Theology that needs to be pulled.

Replacement Theology: Israel's National Imperatives


Also listen to the Bible Conference series, "Holiness"

The Boiling Pot

The Boiling Pot 03-21-10

The Pot is Boiling 03-28-10

Living By Faith

"Living by Faith or Living by Filch" 01/03/10

The Just Shall Live by Faith 01/10/10

There is no room for two kings in the Kingdom 12/27

The Reality of Christianity:

Relating to the Word of God 11/8

Relating to Sanctification 11/15

Relating to Justification 11/22

Relating to Righteousness 11/29

Show the Lord's Death

A call for internal scrutiny. 12/20

Surrender, Yieldness, Willingness, Graciousness. 12/20

Mortification which is necessary in one's life. 12/27

Domesticate the Scriptures?

How the Word of God Works in Them That Believe

Effort to be relevant to an irrelevant culture.

Undermining God's Word

Living according to Scripture or Trying to domesticate Scripture

Live in Submission to Scripture or Domesticate it.

The Word of God

Does the Word of God Lose the Weight of His Authority Through the Transmission of His Word by the Way of His Messenger?

"Take Heed Therefore How Ye Hear" Luke 8:18

Continued from above

Revival -> The life and nature of the believer.

The Fruit of Revival

Kingdom Prospects

The Preservation of the Wilderness Traveler

The Christian Addict

The Christian Addict: When it is good to be an addict

The Christian Addict Needs to Be Prayerful (1)

The Christian Addict: Persevering Prayer (2)

The Bleakness of Spiritual Palsy

Black and White Advertising: What will bring the People to Christ? - Audio
Black and White Advertising - Video

Bargain Hunting

Ads Selling the Church

Selling the Church - Part 3

I'm For Lighting Candles In The Church (Selling the Church)

A Worldly Walk (What is it if we should abandon it?)

Bargain Hunting: Holding the Line

The Local Church: It Must Take A Stand

Standable Issues: To Separate ENTIRELY from Worldliness and Ecclesiastical Apostacy

Bargain Hunting: Standable Issues

Standable Issues: Nehmiah 13

Standable Issues (more)

Standable Issues: 4 Men Who Stood Up



The Family at Church

The Family at Church: Worshipful Communion

The Family at Church: Are we all here to hear God?

The Family at Church: Be Wary of the Wiles of the Devil

That the Enemy Not Gain Advantage Over/Of Us

Practicing the Word

Guidelines for Christian Living

The Need for Prayer Meetings

The Need for Prayer Meetings - 2

Review of the Family at Church

Review of the Family at Church: Is anything lost in the transmission of the Word.

Review of the Family at Church





The Doctrine of Regeneratioon

The Doctrine of Regeneration June 2010

The Doctrine of Regeneration: Part 2 June 2010

The Doctrine of Regeneration: Part 3 - The Professor Phenomenon June 2010

The Doctrine of Regeneration: Part 4 - Professors and Possessors of Religion June 2010


Baptism . . . A Public Confession

Baptism . . . A Public Committment (Part 2)

Baptism . . . A reflection upon the meaning of baptism.

Christ is all, and in all

Christ Is All 06-10

Where Is Jesus 06-10

Christ Is All: Still Sweeter Every Day 06-10

Christ Is All: Because He is ever present. 06-10

Christ is All - All I want. He it is who satisfies June 2010

Christ is All - All We Need June 2010

Sweet Melodies of Suffering

The Sweet Melodies of Suffering 05-02-10

The Sweet Melodies of Suffering: The Ordination to Suffering 05-09-10

Living by Gideon's Rule

Living By Gideon's Rule

Living By Gideon's Rule: Part 2 02-28-10

Gideon's Rule: Living Ecclesiastically 03-07-10

Living by Gideon's Rule: Domestically 03-14-10

The Adornment of the Doctrine of God

Showing all good fidelity 01/03/10

Living by Faith 01/10/10

Nourishment in the Word

The Case for Holiness 12/6

Tutorial:  How we ourselves walk worthy of the Lord - The length of the journey. 12/6

"Shew the Lord's Death" A call for internal scrutiny. 12/20

"Shew the Lord's Death" Surrender, Yieldness, Willingness, Graciousness. 12/20

The Objective Goals of an Omniscient God

God's Goal 11/8

God's Plan 11/15

God Uses People 11/22

The Sovereign Grace of God 11/29


Committment - An Introduction

Committment - Looking Unto Jesus: Will He Really Keep His Promise?

Thanking God

Thanking God

Thanking God for the Church: The Reflections of Divine Relationships

Thanking God for the Church: The Assurances of the Reality of the Divine Relationship

Thanking God for the Church: Reverberation of the Divine Relationship

Holiness Unto God

Holiness Unto The LORD

Holiness Unto The LORD - Holy lives Repudiate...

Holiness Unto The LORD - The Rationale for Separation

Holiness Unto The LORD - Embedded Immorality and Extraction from Immorality

Holiness Unto The LORD - Embedded Impostors and Extraction of Impostors

Holiness and the Call of God

Finishing Faithfully

Finishing Faithfully

Finishing Faithfully Part 2

Finishing Faithfully - An Exception to the Norm

The Day Is At Hand

A Wilderness Hymn

The Day is at Hand

The Day is at Hand: The Sounds to the Church - Audio
The Day is at Hand: The Sounds to the Church - Video

The Day Is At Hand: Life for Saints and Sinners Changes when the Rapture Occurs - Audio

Indifference Overwhelms:
The Imminent Return of

The Bleakness of Spiritual Palsy

Looking For One Good Man

Speed, Urgency, Haste in the good sense

The Prophetic Future

Judge Not Vs Opinion (Amoralism)


Go - A.S.A.P. - Audio
Go - A.S.A.P. - Video

Go - A.S.A.P. Continued


Go - A.S.A.P.:Surgery with a Spear - Audio
Go - A.S.A.P. Surgery with a Spear - Video

The Affects of Amoralism.

What Kind of Government Should We Have?




Fox Hole Prayers

The Preservation of the Scriptures.

GOD IS ABLE: to preserve His world, His Word, and His work.  01/17/10

GOD IS ABLE: to preserve His Word - His power to preserve. 01/17/10
" I Change not!"

Thou Hast Magnified Thy Word Above Thy Name 01/20/10

GOD IS ABLE: To preserve...
As seen in the first writings.

GOD IS ABLE: To preserve...
The case for the Divine preservation of the Word of God

Destructive Doubts: Key thought - If God really... 01/27/10

GOD IS ABLE: To preserve His work: As seen in the first writings. 01/31/10

GOD IS ABLE: To preserve...
The Reiteration of the Law As Previously Given: "There They Be"


When Is It Knowledge?

Proverbs 1:1-10 Knowledge, Understanding, Wisdom

Proverbs 1: The four Terms of verse 3 explained and illustrated in the Chapter.

Proverbs 2: Search and learn of the fear of God

Proverbs 2: Provisions to those who learn the fear of the Lord

Proverbs 2: Examples of those without wisdom

Proverbs 3: The Responsiblilites of the Son, Part 1

Proverbs 3: The Son's Responsibility in Honoring the Lord & Chastisement of the Lord

Proverbs 3: It Takes Work to be Effective and Productive in Knowledge

Proverbs 3: The Characteristics of Those Who Live by Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge

Proverbs 4: Hear Instruction and Attend to Understanding

Proverbs 4: Get Wisdom, Get Understanding

Proverbs 4: Hear My Son and Receive My Sayings

Proverbs 4: Being in the Path of God

Proverbs 5: Beware of the Strange Woman

Proverbs 6: If . . . Deliver Thyself!

Proverbs 6: Consider the Ant

Proverbs 6: The Sluggard and the Wicked Man

Proverbs 6: The Father's Commandment and the Law of the Mother.

Proverbs 7: Discerning the Difference Between Wisdom and Understanding

Proverbs 7: An Illustration of Being Devoid of Wisdom

Proverbs 8: Who is Wisdom?

Proverbs 8: The Character and Definition of Wisdom

Proverbs 8: The Lord Possessed Wisdom In The Beginning Of His Way

Proverbs 9: The Home of Wisdom

Proverbs 9: Comparing the Home of Wisdom and the Home of the Foolish Woman

Proverbs 10: The Beginning of the Formal Catalog of Proverbs

Proverbs 10: 11-13 The Mouth and the Tongue

Proverbs 10 - The Tongue, Mouth, Words -How do we love our brethren with these tools.

Proverbs 11 - Justice, Righteousess

Proverbs 11 - Righteousness Vs. Wickedness

Proverbs 11 - GOOD as seen in the contrast between the good and the wicked

Proverbs 12: The Good Man Vs. The Wicked Man

Proverbs 13: The Bible Teaches Economics

Proverbs 13: The Word of God and Wisdom

Proverbs 14: The fool, His Ways, & God's Remedy

Proverbs 14: The Fear of the Lord That Guides Our Relationships

Proverbs 15: A Merry Heart

Proverbs 16: The Answer of the Tongue

Proverbs 16: Just Who . . . is in charge?

Biblical Feminism

Biblical Feminism: Feminine Submission - audio
Biblical Feminism - video

Biblical Feminism, 2: Feminine Reflection- audio
Biblical Feminism, 2 - video

Biblical Feminism, 3 Feminine Expression- audio
Biblical Feminism, 3 - video

Biblical Feminism 4: Feminine Reinforcement - Audio
Biblical Feminism 4: - Video

Biblical Feminism 4:

Union Labor and Christianity

Union Labor and Christianity

Union Labor and Christianity - audio
Union Labor and Christianity - video

Labor Unions and Christianity - audio
Labor Unions and Christianity - video

We are companions in Labor - audio
We are companions in Labor
- video


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